Charger Installation

Buy now, complete a simple form that takes 15 - 20 minutes, then sit back and let us do everything else to get you charging. 

Many companies quote fixed price for installation with caveats that the price is subject to survey leaving you the customer with little certainty. 

At EV Extras, we have simplified the process to give you certainty up front. We offer two fixed price service levels which cover 95% plus of residential properties (excluding flats & apartments) in the UK. 


The price includes everything you need to have your new charger installed within 15 metres of your mains electricity fuse board/metre.   

Installation is within a maximum of 3 weeks from purchase. In most cases, we can install within 10 working days or less but we would rather over perform than under deliver.

EV EXTRAS STANDARD INSTALLATION - applicable where your property's electrical wiring system has all the requirements to install the EV charge

EV EXTRAS CONSUMER PLUS INSTALLATION - applicable where your property's electrical wiring system does not have all the requirements to add the EV charger. We add a new small compartment (mini consumer unit) adjacent to your existing electrical fuse board.

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How do I know which Installation service I require?

Please refer here to our installation selection guide.

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