UK 3 Pin Socket| Designed for Long Term EV Charging | BS 1363/EV

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 Double poled switched single 13 Amp UK 3 Pin socket specifically designed for EV Charging.

When charging an EV or Plug In Hybrid ( PHEV) using a Uk 3 Pin Plug irrespective of the brand of charger, heat is generated within the plug and socket.

The same is true of other appliances in the home such as irons and tumble dryers however the use of these appliances is limited to around  1 to 2 hours  typically.

A 3 pin plug EV Charger can be in use for 12 plus hours on a regular basis meaning the heat generated is present for longer periods of time than normal.

For occasional use/ charging when away from home the heat should generally not be an issue if the wiring and sockets are relatively modern and in a good condition . If using a 3 pin plug to  charge an EV over many months and years the effect of the heat from the plug can cause the socket to degrade internally resulting in the risk of the socket and the plug potentially melting.

The solution to the problem is to install an uprated UK 3 Pin plug socket that is designed manufactured and tested to withstand long term charging from a 10 amp EV charger with a 3 pin plug . 

Designed for indoor use only 

Product Details 

  • Single socket supplied( Pattress/ rear box not included).
  • Double pole switched.
  • Marked as compliant with BS 1363-2/EV with EV marked on the back of the socket.
  • Compliant with the IET wiring regulation. 
  • IP 20 rated for indoor use only 

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