EV Cable Floor Cover Protector | Anti Trip Suitable for Light Vehicles

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The EV Cable Floor Cover function's by placing the protector on the ground and then inserting cable into the two purpose designed dedicated strong channels to receive the EV cable.

Available in black with a highly visible yellow lid, the EV Cable Protector is 1 metre long. It has male and female interlocking ends to permit you to add additional 1 metre sections as required.

The EV cable cover is designed for outdoor use with both pedestrian and light vehicle traffic (cars and SUVs). 

Ideal for use where the EV cable has to be laid out on footpath or driveways where there is light vehicle traffic reducing the risk of trips or falls whilst protecting and preserving the cable. 


Material  Rubber 
Dimensions 1000 x 250 x 50 mm
Cable Channel 2 Channels 32 x33 mm 
Use - Traffic 

Light Vehicle  Cars and SUVs

Weight Limit 

2 Tonnes per Axle 


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