The table below provides an approximate guide to the miles of range added to your vehicle for each hour of charging. The maximum charge rate is determined by what charging station, vehicle and cable used.

2.3kW - 10 amp Mode 2 portable charger - 7 to 10 miles of range 

3.6kW - 16 amp Mode 3 charging cable - 12 to 15 miles of range

7kW    - 32 amp Mode 3 charging cable - 25 to 30 miles of range 

22kW - 32 amp Mode 3 charging cable approximately 80 - 90 miles of range 

50kW - Mode 4 tethered charging cable 120 miles of range 

Not all EVs will take high charge rates.

Most EVs take at least 7kW of charge and as the EV industry develops higher charge rates are becoming more and more common.