EV Charger Cable Extenders

We do not recommend the use of cable extenders for tethered chargers. 

Whilst cable extenders can be purchased,  the electrical protection and insulation are poor . For health and safety reasons we do not stock them .

Your vehicle  sits on rubber tyres and has many earthing points. A cable extender has a flimsy piece of rubber and thats all that exist between you and 7 Kw of power( 2x your washing machine).

Furthermore the connection on a n extender is a weak point that will result in more failed charges  

Instead of extending the cable on your tethered Ev charger we recommend you simply replace  it with a longer tethered cable. You will need an electrician to do this but in reality it's a very simple job and typically costs around £30 to £40 in labour and with our reasonably  priced tethered cables the cost is generally less than a cable extender.

If your charger is under warranty keep the original cable  in case of any future warranty claims  

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