INDRA SMART PRO 7.4 KW | EV Charger- Socketed | Fully Installed £1149 | 2 to 4 weeks

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The Indra Smart PRO  is one of the smartest electric vehicle charger available on the market and comes with the peace of mind of a 5 year manufacturers warranty with a fully installed price of £1,149.00.

Made in England the SMART PRO EV  it is packed full of the latest energy saving smart features  

The Indra Smart PRO EV charger enables you to take advantage of the lowest-cost electricity tariff and where applicable integrate with any available solar/ renewable  energy without the need to buy any additional equipment.

The Indra Smart PRO EV charger can be connected via Wi-Fi, 4G or Ethernet connection giving you  the ability to check your status, update preferences and track charging  history directly from your phone with the Indra App. 

The charger has a socket for you to plug your normal Ev Charging cable into to connect.

Product Brochure can be found here 

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The Indra installation service is one of the few on the market where a full survey of your property is undertaken in person rather than via an online form prior to you committing  to purchase.

In booking a free survey you are not committed to anything whatsoever until you are entirely satisfied with the price we provide which in the majority of case is within the £1,149.00.

The installation process is as follows

Step 1 – Complete the adjacent form  to book a Free of Charge Survey

One of our approved and qualified EV installation partners will contact you (usually on the next working day) to confirm the appointment to survey your property and discuss where you would like to position your charger.

Step 2 – Confirmation that the Standard Installation Price Applies

Our approved EV Installation Partner will provide you with a quotation that either:-

1- Confirms the Indra SMART PRO charger can be fully installed within the price quite on our website.

2 -Additional works to the Standard installation are required. An itemised quote for the additional works will be provided.  

Step 3 – Pay for your Charger

You agree and contract with our approved installer for the supply and installation of the charger and make payment.

Step 4 – Installation of your Indra SMART PRO charger and validation of the 5 Year warranty

Our approved EV Installation Partner will make an appointment to install the charger at your convenience with installation being within 10 working days ( 2 weeks) of you accepting the quotation and making payment.

On completion of you will be given operating instructions at the 5 year warranty will be validated and commence.

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